The Texas Hill Country is filled with all types of treasures. You’ve got beautiful state parks to visit, wine country, and all different types of restaurants and bars throughout so many small towns. There are a ton of different water holes to visit and a ton of natural lakes and rivers to visit where you can cool off in the summer time. Some of my favorite towns to visit are Fredericksburg, Bandera, Kerrville, and Marble Falls. These images are from various places all over the Texas Hill Country in different state parks, restaurants, and other little cool spots to enjoy. From a vacation’s perspective, it’s the best place to be in Texas if you want to experience a lot of different things to do. I’ve seen a lot of beautiful lakes and rivers across the United States, but you can’t swim in a lot of them. The Hill Country is full of them and you can swim in just about all of them in the summer time, and open a nice cold one. Beer, BBQ, wine, live music and nice water to cool off in is what the Texas Hill Country is all about.

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