I’m a photographer that wants to capture the world around me. I want to see every beautiful place and experience everything I can that has to do with adventure, exploration, and a little bit of danger. That is the essence of what I call “living.” I started this blog in order to inspire others to travel to various places hoping that they can experience many of the adventures and amazing moments that will live with me forever until I expire.


Getting out of your personal surroundings is very important for one’s soul, and when you travel to new places and see how different people live around the world you’re always able to learn and gain new perspectives, which help you to appreciate the things you have. These are things that I’m constantly reminding myself on a daily basis, which helps to keep me grounded and also keeps me inspired to work harder so I can continue to explore and evolve as a human being.


I take great pride in getting better as a photographer to be able to capture every moment that I can in the best way possible so people who may read this blog or come across my stories and adventures can feel the moment as much as possible. The world is always changing and we as human beings have to change with it, whether we want to or not.

Photography, Travel, Food and More:

travelogue-image-nickI also have an unconditional passion for eating all types of food from different cultures. Most people look at a plate, and see food. I see food as well, but I see much more than that. I see art from the person who created it. I see a journey that it must have taken for some of the best chefs and culinary experts to create some of the finest tasting productions on a plate that their minds can manifest.

I don’t just love to eat great food, but I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of getting the best images possible of a chef’s art and finding out what type of technique they use to get the flavors and the zest that exists in their food. A great presentation of food on a plate can look just as beautiful as any landscape you see in nature with all of it’s colors and textures that are layered on top of one another or next to each other. Being an unconditional foodie, it’s my duty to present the creations of some of the best chefs around Houston and the rest of the world.

As a photographer, I’ll take on pretty much any type of assignment. I enjoy shooting people, buildings, landscapes, wildlife, food, and any type of accessory. It isn’t work for me. It’s simply what I love to do.