What a little gem this place is. It isn’t glamorous on the outside or the inside, but it’s the best Authentic Peruvian food in Houston Texas. It’s a very small place that is always booked on Fridays when they have live music and a small dance floor open to guests who want to show their moves. The flavors her are outstanding at this place. They have a ceviche dish of four flavors called the Piqueo Lemon Tree. It gives you a nice variety of ceviche styles, and you can figure out which one you like the most. My favorite dish here is the Anticuchos de lomo. It’s a delicious plate of thin sliced sweet potato chips with a beef tenderloin sautéed with aji oanca sauce. This place does not serve alcohol, but ALLOWS YOU TO BRING WHAT YOU WANT WITHOUT A CORK FEE. Did I just say that? Yes I did, so bring that favorite bottle of wine of yours and spend the extra money on the food and have a feast here.

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