Most people that visit Jamaica only talk about the beaches and the resorts. Jamaica is one of the most beautiful and unique islands I’ve ever seen. The blend of concrete and lush vegetation everywhere is extremely interesting when you pay attention to it. I stayed in Montego Bay, but we traveled through a large portion of the island going to Negril and other places that we had to experience.

Traveling through Jamaica is one of those “perspective” experiences, because you never know what type of beauty you’re going to see.

A lot of these images are from areas off the beaten path that we explored while passing through various areas. We even found a castle like place, and I couldn’t tell you where it was. It just happened to be there when you lease expected it. Most travelers tend to stick to the resorts due to worrying about their safety, but I highly recommend that travelers use tour guides from their hotels or cab drivers that the resorts have relationships with. You can find some really helpful guides that can show you all types of fascinating places around this beautiful island that doesn’t get the true credit it deserves from a diverse perspective. When you visit Jamaica, make sure to travel around the island a little and see a few places. Here are a few images below to give you an idea of what raw Jamaica looks like in places most people don’t see or explore through.

Jamaica 096

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