If you’re ready for an adventure filled with adrenaline, magnificent beauty, a physical challenge, and a feeling of seeing one of the most extraordinary things in this world, then ice climbing through glaciers is going to be perfect for you!

I had always wanted to do this for years when I first started seeing pictures of travelers and climbing enthusiasts climbing around ice caves around the world. The idea of being able to go deep into small caverns of ice that are filled with rich blue colors and melting ice was always one of those imaginary adventures I would visualize as a kid watching action movies or wildlife on National Geographic. This was the one activity I wanted to do more than anything, and thanks to Exit Glacier Guides my experience completely exceeded any expectations I ever had. Hiking up the mountain was a little tiring, but nothing to exhausting. Everyone on our trip made it up there just fine with heavy backpacks for our supplies.

DSC_1977View up from the trail as you’re walking to Exit Glacier
DSC_1986Wildflowers growing in the mountains
DSC_2003 2

The moment we reached the point of Exit Glacier where we could enter from the side was a beautiful view I’ll never forget when I first saw the green vegetation with wildflowers growing mixed with whites and blues of the glacier. We put our glacier hiking boots on for safety and off we went. I was full of excitement and adrenaline just to be out there at this point. Once we were out there we found a spot to repel and climb, and it was pretty difficult holding a dslr camera in my shirt and looking around extra with a Go Pro camera, but after pounding the ice enough times and getting my technique down I climbed back up just fine. The second cave I went in was a lot more narrow and deep, but much more blue and beautiful with water dripping all over me which made it a little more fun. It was much harder to climb back up, but that is part of the challenge that makes this an adventure. Everything can’t be easy right? By the third one I was going up and down with almost no problem, and we were able to all assist one another with great pictures and videos of one another in our group.

DSC_2035 copy


DSC_2098This was me bending over to drink the glacier water. Best water I’ve ever tasted. DSC_2061View of the mountains from the GlacierDSC_2015First demonstration on how to climb.DSC_2126 copyThis was me in my second cave which was the hardest, but the most fun by far. DSC_2080Inside the cave trying to make my way up.DSC_2130


DSC_2137The very bottom of one of the caves where the blues really come out. DSC_2106



Our guides were spectacular and some of the best guides I’ve worked with on different excursions around the world. Dakota Silvers and Steve Job were very friendly and helpful, and did a great job teaching technique ensuring safety first before anything else. They helped take a few photos as well that makes the experience so nice to reflect back on. I highly recommend this company in the Alaskan summers if you’re in Seward. This adventure is priceless and one of the most exhilarating things you’ll ever experience in your life.

DSC_2067Steve Job doing a fantastic job at guiding someone on their way up, using safety as their first priority.DSC_2092Dakota Silvers is all smiles while seeing everyone enjoying the day on the glacier.