Urban Eats is a fun establishment in the Heights on 3414 Washington. Levi Rollins has brought music, art, a coffee lounge, and a bistro all to one place. The main attraction is the Bistro upstairs on the 2nd floor. Try your best to get a seat on the patio or wait a little while if you have to. It’s well worth it.

The monkey bread is outstanding. It’s packed fresh rosemary and is really warm and soft on the inside. It’s one of those breads that you gets you addicted, and you can’t stop eating after you’ve had a bite or two. I’d order this every time.


The Brussels rock pretty hard. They’re accompanied with candied bacon that makes an exquisite combination of candy and vegetable flavor together. The bacon is crispy, so it blends well with the soft and chewy sprout.


The Green Bean Creole is tossed with crisp smoked pork belly and parmesan topped with tomato ragout. The seasoning is a little crisp, and it goes well with the fatty flavor of the pork belly that is spread across the beans, which are really thick and hearty.


The Three Pig Truffle Mac & Cheese is smoked, and has diced bacon, pancetta, honey glazed ham, and white truffle. The Mac was very creamy and had a crunch to it in certain bites. When you’re eating at tapas style restaurant, the Mac goes with everything. You pretty much have to order it, and this Mac will compliment any item wonderfully.


The Brasserie is their signature slider item. It’s on a rosemary garlic roll with slow cooked beef cheek smoked in red wine reduction and balsamic reduction. The bread could be a little bit softer for a slider. I’m a huge fan of beef cheek anywhere I can get it, but this one wasn’t as tender as I had hoped for when I first heard about it. Southern Chicks was another slider below that was on Texas toast with chicken fried chicken. It didn’t have the pop I was expecting it to have when I came across this one either. The Texas toast wasn’t as crispy as I had hoped for, and the chicken didn’t present a unique personality like I had expected. I wouldn’t order heavy on the Sliders, and save a lot more room for the other menu sections. After all it is a tapas restaurant.



The Pecan Praline Bread Pudding was a different type of bread pudding than what I’m used to. It was thick and crunchy without being overly sweet.

If you’re looking for some American classic deserts with a twist, then try the Salted Caramel Apple Tart, and the Menage a Trois Cobbler.



Urban Eats is a place where you can have great experiences with so many different variables to enjoy. I’d highly recommend a weekend visit in order to enjoy the sounds of the live music with the rest of your dinner.