The Mission is a breakfast and lunch restaurant in San Diego California. I love this place for a lot of reasons. For one, it is really easy to get in and out of as long as it isn’t over packed. The items on the menu are very inexpensive and pack a ton of flavors in their creations. The Mission French toast is one of the best French toasts you’ll ever have. The bread is cooked to perfection and really engulfs what you want when you think of a French toast plate. It’s just right. They freshly bake it themselves and deliver it to all three restaurants daily. The grand daddy at The Mission is the Papas Loco. This is easily one of the best breakfast concoctions I’ve ever eaten. All of the ingredients put into that dish are put together to where all of the flavors hit you in every bite. It fills you up pretty fast, so make sure to bring a big appetite. If you don’t, you’ll be mad at yourself, because the Papas Loco tastes so delicious, and you’ll wish you could keep eating. Don’t forget to visit The Mission when passing through San Diego California. Three separate locations around the San Diego area makes this place an easy pit stop when you venture into the city.