This is the most magical place I’ve ever visited if I had to pick one place. The “garden island” is simply euphoric. One thing I love about Kauai is the fact that you can drive from one end of the island to the other in about an hour and a half. There is an enormous amount of things to do and places to see.

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Both the North and the Southern end of the island have all types of majestic spots that will blow your mind from an ecological and scenic perspective. The Waimai Canyons are some of the most beautiful and unique canyons due to the green vegetation that blends in with the reds and orange colors. The Napoli Coast is gorgeous and has to be seen from a boat and even more so from a helicopter as the helicopter gives you the opportunity to see areas where no man has ever walked in the wettest place on the earth.

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The diving in Kauai is terrific, and you’ll see dozens of wildlife in the ocean depending on the time of year. I didn’t have my diving certification while I was there, so I couldn’t get myself out of the water snorkeling. My best recommendation is Anini and Tunnels beach. Tunnels beach has the nicest reefs right off the shore. I saw dozens of turtles and fish to swim around. Quite a few people were spearfishing out there attempting to bring some lunch home. Surfing in Kauai is outstanding and considered the best on any of the islands to some of the most highly respected surfing professionals.




The most beautiful thing about this island was the people. I haven’t been anywhere else in the world where people were so embracing and loving. They all really take great care of their island and keep it extremely clean. I have never felt more welcomed anywhere else in the world.

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